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Is your neighbors barking dog getting to you?
November 1, 2012

Bark bark bark,,, all the time… constantly… bark bark bark!


That was my neighbors dog, and it was driving me crazy. This dog is big and barked all the time. I couldn’t enjoy my property because it barked every moment I was outside. While I was mowing, gardening or sitting on the patio drinking tea. Bark, bark, bark! This dog would even watch my windows! If I made a brief appearance in the window, or even moved the closed curtain, it would set off the dog barking. I let the neighbors know how annoying the barking was, but it had no affect.. They didn’t care! Well, sometimes you are on your own. So, I decided to do something about it. I wrote an article about how I stopped the barking and you can find it HERE. Basically, since the offending dog is 125 feet away, I bought the longest ultrasonic bark deterrent that I could find. The range for bark detection for the device is only 75 feet, so I had to extend the range. I found that I could extend the range by putting the bark silencer into a trash can! It worked! You can buy the bark silencer that I used (and recommend) by clicking the Dog Silencer Pro There is an article further explaining how I built this HERE. I am also making a YouTube video so that you can see  how I made it. It will also be in the right bar.