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Do you have a pampered pooch?
June 24, 2013

Admit it… your pup enriches your life! Always happy to see you, your pup gives you unconditional love. Why not show your pup what he or she means to you? Give them the best in dog treats. We have sought out quality products here at Redticket, and we feel you will appreciate the products offered at Sojourner Farms. Please visit them by clicking on them on the right bar here at You will like what they can offer your pup!

Want to make your dieting work?
June 24, 2013

So I came across VERY interesting information the other day. It seems that if you properly set up your body, anyone can use weight! These people can explain it way better than I can. They have a small video to watch that is very easy to follow. You can view their video and learn more about it by clicking in our Featured Products on the right bar on


Need a chrome cleaner?
June 23, 2013

Did you know that toothpaste (non gel) makes a great chrome polish? The tiny abrasive particles will clean up chrome in a hurry! Simply wipe or brush on, buff to a high shine and rinse! Great for cleaning your faucets, etc. Smells good too!


Milk a cow maybe, but milk a garden?
June 23, 2013

Did you know that milk can do your garden good? Tomatoes love the calcium that is in  milk. It is a great fertilizer.  Milk also is a good fungicide for plants. Just reduce to one part skim milk and nine parts of water and pour!


So here we go! Consider recumbent trikes!
June 23, 2013

So here is an item that is flying under the radar… recumbent trikes! There are many issues that most people have with cycling. Comfort, cars, balance and did I mention comfort? Bikes just plain hurt! It begins with the.. ahem… rear, then there is the lower back, palms, back of the neck & so on. Recumbent trikes are the answer for all of those issues. Think “no pain, no gain”? Don’t believe it. These trikes will let you get exercise AND all day comfort. It is win-win! The most popular style is the “tadpole” version, which means there are 2 wheels in the front and one on the rear. These trikes not only are comfortable, they are an absolute blast to ride! They feel like a human-powered sports car. If you you would like to learn more, you can find articles HERE & HERE. There is a great website to visit HERE.


Redticket! Tips & Products for a Better Life!
June 23, 2013

Welcome to Redticket! This site will feature unique items and interesting tips. Hopefully, if we can accomplish our goals, you will find info and items that are not easily found on the web. These tips and items will have one purpose… to enhance your life!