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Are you ready for identity theft?
March 11, 2014

Identity theft is exploding. Someone you know most likely has experienced identity theft or is dealing with it right now. A recent USA Today article states “Identity theft, defined as the successful or attempted misuse of credit-card, bank-account or other personal information to commit fraud, is expected to surpass traditional theft as the leading form of property crime. Security analysts say everyone should prepare to become a victim at some point.”

Get ready! It is coming to you! If you aren’t protected, you should be… A solid performer in the identity theft prevention business is Identity Force. Please… click the link in the right bar here at and get protected. You will be glad you did.

Do you have a fisherman in your life?
March 5, 2014

We’ve found a very interesting service for those who fish, or for someone that has a fisherman in their life. This service is offered by TackleGrab. TackleGrab is a subscription service that sends you (or your favorite fisherman) a box of fishing equipment every month. When setting up the subscription, you fill out an easy fisherman profile. Using the profile allows TackleGrab to tailor the supplies to the fisherman. For a fisherman, it’s like Christmas every month! This is a fantastic gift idea! What fisherman wouldn’t appreciate getting a goodie box every month to enhance his or her favorite hobby? We have set up a convenient link in the right column at  Like the TackleGrab ad says… “Try a box” !

Oops! Maybe it’s YOUR dog barking!
March 2, 2014

Well, if this is the problem, you can stop it! Do yourself a favor (and your neighbors), and get a no-bark collar. There is a very good no bark collar by Sport Dog in the column on the left. If you prefer a “shockless” solution, try the new BarkWise collar. You will get sleep and have happy neighbors if you get one of these for Fido!