So here we go! Consider recumbent trikes!

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So here is an item that is flying under the radar… recumbent trikes! There are many issues that most people have with cycling. Comfort, cars, balance and did I mention comfort? Bikes just plain hurt! It begins with the.. ahem… rear, then there is the lower back, palms, back of the neck & so on. Recumbent trikes are the answer for all of those issues. Think “no pain, no gain”? Don’t believe it. These trikes will let you get exercise AND all day comfort. It is win-win! The most popular style is the “tadpole” version, which means there are 2 wheels in the front and one on the rear. These trikes not only are comfortable, they are an absolute blast to ride! They feel like a human-powered sports car. If you you would like to learn more, you can find articles HERE & HERE. There is a great website to visit HERE.


Redticket! Tips & Products for a Better Life!

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Welcome to Redticket! This site will feature unique items and interesting tips. Hopefully, if we can accomplish our goals, you will find info and items that are not easily found on the web. These tips and items will have one purpose… to enhance your life!

Dog Driving you crazy? I found the cure!

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Do you have a neighbor’s dog that barks? I’m not talking about an occasional yip or yap, I mean the constant drone of barking.

It is a big problem for many people. The neighbor must hear it! It is very, very annoying, but hey, maybe you should tell the dogs owner about the problem

Maybe they didn’t hear me?

Hmmm, well that didn’t work. Fido barks as much as he every did. Maybe you should call the county sheriff or animal control office. That will surely get the dog owners attention and turn your neighbor into an enemy very quickly.

I had this very dilemma. My neighbors knew of the problem but would only temporarily address the nuisance barking. Sometimes they would correct it for a day or two and then the dog went back to the barking… and barking.. and barking! I actually was very close to selling my home and moving until I found the solution!

Just what I needed!

As many have done, I started researching the ultrasonic bark deterrents that are on the market. Most units have a very limited bark detecting distance. Usually only about 25 feet.

One unit, however, listed its detection range to 75 feet. This was still way too short for my needs, the neighbors dog is a large breed and it is 40 yards away. I needed a unit that could reach about 120 feet but it appears that none existed.

That is when the solution hit me. In the old days before electronic hearing aids, people would use an apparatus called an ear trumpet. It was a cone shaped device that would concentrate sound to the users ear. If I used a cone of some kind, maybe I could reach the offending dog! I ordered the ultrasonic unit with the longest range and waited.

The unit that I used can be found HERE!

This unit could detect barking at 75 feet and could blast out the ultrasonic sound to 300 feet.



Working my game plan…

While waiting for the arrival of the unit, I looked for an appropriate cone to use. I found what I needed in an old office wastebasket. The waste basket I decided to try is about 2 feet tall, 12 inches in diameter at the bottom and 18 inches diameter at the top.

My bark deterring unit arrived via UPS and I was very hopeful this would work. When researching these ultrasonic deterrents, I read mixed reviews. Some people said they work very well, while some said they are a waste of money.

The unit I purchased had a 45 day guarantee, so I thought I would give it a try. After reading the instructions thoroughly, I pointed the cone (waste basket) at the canine offender, then I put the ultrasonic unit in the bottom and plugged it in. Presto! The barking stopped! I was amazed… this ultrasonic unit not only worked, but with my cone, it was reaching out to 125 feet!


Worked for me!

Let me say, I realize all dogs are different and this may not work for you… but it worked for me! At first the dog would bark occasionally, but as the days passed the barking became less and less.

So, if you have a nuisance barker, and he is outside of the range that the unit claims, there is hope. Give my bark deterrent extender a try.

This bark deterrent has been a sanity saver!

Is your neighbors barking dog getting to you?

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Bark bark bark,,, all the time… constantly… bark bark bark!


That was my neighbors dog, and it was driving me crazy. This dog is big and barked all the time. I couldn’t enjoy my property because it barked every moment I was outside. While I was mowing, gardening or sitting on the patio drinking tea. Bark, bark, bark! This dog would even watch my windows! If I made a brief appearance in the window, or even moved the closed curtain, it would set off the dog barking. I let the neighbors know how annoying the barking was, but it had no affect.. They didn’t care! Well, sometimes you are on your own. So, I decided to do something about it. I wrote an article about how I stopped the barking and you can find it HERE. Basically, since the offending dog is 125 feet away, I bought the longest ultrasonic bark deterrent that I could find. The range for bark detection for the device is only 75 feet, so I had to extend the range. I found that I could extend the range by putting the bark silencer into a trash can! It worked! You can buy the bark silencer that I used (and recommend) by clicking the Dog Silencer Pro There is an article further explaining how I built this HERE. I am also making a YouTube video so that you can see  how I made it. It will also be in the right bar.