So here we go! Consider recumbent trikes!
June 23, 2013

So here is an item that is flying under the radar… recumbent trikes! There are many issues that most people have with cycling. Comfort, cars, balance and did I mention comfort? Bikes just plain hurt! It begins with the.. ahem… rear, then there is the lower back, palms, back of the neck & so on. Recumbent trikes are the answer for all of those issues. Think “no pain, no gain”? Don’t believe it. These trikes will let you get exercise AND all day comfort. It is win-win! The most popular style is the “tadpole” version, which means there are 2 wheels in the front and one on the rear. These trikes not only are comfortable, they are an absolute blast to ride! They feel like a human-powered sports car. If you you would like to learn more, you can find articles HERE & HERE. There is a great website to visit HERE.